Meet Our Licensed Instructors

  • Oscar Darden
    Licensing Instructor
    Oscar Darden
    Licensing Instructor

    Being a Real Estate Broker has given me the opportunity to use my talents, experiences and education in one career. As an instructor for the CB Real Estate School I’m able to share with students what I have learned during thirty-five plus years of working in the real estate industry. When I’m not selling or teaching I enjoy hands on hobbies such as rebuilding computers, automobiles, and rehabbing or renovating properties.

    Classroom Experience:

    "I took the test yesterday and was able to pass it with confidence, and I owe it a lot to Oscar's lectures and his ability to really get the point across."

    "Oscar happily explained subjects that we were confused about thoroughly."

    "Oscar shared so much real world experiences and a working knowledge of the Real Estate Industry, which I really appreciated."

    "Oscar Darden was beyond an instructor with his wealth of knowledge and experience within this industry. I feel very fortunate to have chosen this location for my studies."

    "Excellent instructor. A lot of real life experience, funny, down-to-earth, definitely kept us on point. I really appreciate all his knowledge and expertise."

    "I loved my instructor, Oscar Darden, he was so professional, provided an abundance of information, and a shared a lot of his experience with us. I loved it. Every minute of it."

    "I love how he transferred all his experience into teaching us."

  • Ed Bohrer
    Licensing Instructor
    Ed Bohrer
    Licensing Instructor

    Ed Bohrer is a Realtor servicing Chicagoland, Lake and McHenry counties. His passion and commitment to his clients is unwavering. His collaborative and client-centric approach helps buyers and sellers stay calm and focused during what can be a very stressful process but in capable hands, you will even find the real estate process enjoyable! Ed is your go-to Realtor with deep real estate background. Ed has over 30 years of real estate selling, building, investing, developing and management. He is even a licensed Real Estate Instructor. The reason clients keep choosing Ed is because he is in tune with people, responsive and highly communicative.

    In Ed's free time, he volunteers with AYSO (over 25 years and counting), enjoys Schutzund K9 training with his BFF (best furred friend) hOnyx, traveling, gardening and anything science fiction and spy related.  



    “You are an excellent teacher!!  I took the test today and passed!!!! Thank you for teaching us so well.” 

    “You have been so influential in starting my career starting with taking the real estate course to giving me advise while interviewing brokerage firms.” - Jasmine S

    “I passed my test on the first try! Thanks so much for your instruction! I'll definitely refer you to other prospect realtors.” - Jen S

    "The class was awesome. I learned a lot of things, especially from your personal stories that are relevant to what I am seeing in real estate so far." - Tony M

    "You were an awesome teacher and I can't wait to bump into you again someday!" - Joe Z

  • Kay Meyer
    Licensing Instructor
    Kay Meyer
    Licensing Instructor

    While teaching I always learn something new, and I meet wonderful people who want to earn the opportunity to sell the American Dream!  One of the things I love about being an active Real Estate Broker is helping families find their dream home. There’s nothing better than seeing their faces at the closing when they receive the keys to their new home. When I’m not working, I love to spend time with family and friends. I also love to cook and sew, and am just learning how to quilt.

    Classroom Experience:

    "My instructor was top notch and I appreciate the professionalism."

    "The course was perfect and the materials assisted greatly with my learning experience. Thank you for offering a great class and instructor."

    "Besides the book material, our instructor always related real-life experiences, which made the material more understandable and will serve me well once I start my own business."

  • Wynnone Dudek
    Licensing Instructor
    Wynnone Dudek
    Licensing Instructor

    The things that drew me to real estate are being an independent contractor and having control of my own business. But most of all, the genuine satisfaction from helping clients find the perfect home or sell their property at a great price. Adding to my love of real estate, I have a huge love for teaching real estate classes. Here are my top 10 reasons why:

    1. Sharing experiences.
    2. Sharing my enthusiasm for the subject matter.
    3. I feel very rewarded when that little light bulb goes off.
    4. Guiding students to success, both individually and through group work.
    5. To feel like my work has a purpose (outside of the income).
    6. My acting career never took off (just kidding).
    7. My students constantly surprise me.
    8. The feeling of accomplishment when seeing the growth of student’s knowledge, confidence and skills.
    9. It keeps me learning new things every day.
    10. I’m told that I’m good at it.

    When I’m out of the classroom I love spending time with my 3 fabulous grandchildren, hanging out with my husband, friends, and my four-legged tail-waggers.

    Classroom Experience:

    "I just completed the 90 hour course and am so grateful for the skill and guidance of Wynnone."

    "She provided pertinent examples to explain the material and brought a sense of real life application to the class."

    "Wynnone was open to all questions, no matter how insignificant. She always made you feel like you 'could get this'!"


  • Art Betuzzi
    Licensing Instructor
    Art Betuzzi
    Licensing Instructor
  • Dennis Sladek
    Licensing Instructor
    Dennis Sladek
    Licensing Instructor

    Over the years, I have found that a career in real estate is stimulating, exciting and always changing. No two transactions are ever the same!

    Ushering in new licensees and helping them prepare them for their real estate career is very rewarding for/to me.

    When I’m not teaching licensing classes I enjoy working with electronics, playing tennis and bowling. I am currently the President and Trustee of Amateur Radio Chicago, a forward thinking Amateur Radio Club with a dedication to the advancement of digital radio communications.

    As a native of Chicago, my favorite food is Pizza! I like to eat pizza, any kind of pizza. Preferably Chicago style deep dish with extra sauce.

    Classroom Experience:

    "Dennis was amazing and extraordinarily knowledgeable."

    "We could not have had a better and more knowledgeable instructor than Dennis. He was excellent!"

  • Coldwell Banker
    Real Estate School
    Coldwell Banker
    Real Estate School

    Classroom Experience:

    "While this material was very new to most of us in the class, we gained the knowledge needed to get us to the next level of taking the State exam."

    "I would surely recommend this session to anyone interested in a Real Estate career."

    "Wonderful course!"

    "The course was well worth my $599. I successfully completed each exam on the first attempt. I am fully confident in my abilities to pass."

    "I will DEFINITELY recommend the Coldwell Banker Real Estate School to everyone that I know. GREAT EXPERIENCE!"

    "Outstanding course, I will recommend it to anyone thinking of getting into Real Estate."

Commonly Asked Licensing Questions

An Illinois Broker’s License allows you to sell real estate throughout Illinois. To obtain a Broker’s license you must successful complete a 90 hour Broker Pre-License course, and then the State Exam. The coursework includes:

The 75 Hour Broker Pre-Licensing Topics Course (Can be completed in a Class or Online)

The 15 Hour Applied Real Estate Principles Course (Must be presented in interactive classroom environment)

In Illinois, a person needs a Broker’s License if they provide assistance which is in any way intended to result in the sale or lease of real estate.

There are 3 options for completing the required course with The Coldwell Banker Real Estate School:

  1. Day Classes (Express Class) meet for 12 days Monday thru Friday.
  2. Night Classes meet for 23 sessions, 3 nights a week for 4 hours each night.
  3. The Online/Classroom option allows you to complete the 75 hour course online, and then take the 15-hour interactive course in a classroom environment.

The classroom option is an all-inclusive package that provides professional classroom instruction, a comprehensive textbook and additional study materials for $599

The Online/Classroom option allows you to complete the 75-hour course online for $425, and then take the 15-hour interactive course separately for $125. We recommend that you do the 75-hour online course first, then register for the 15-hour course to complete the total 90 hours of required coursework. The total cost for the Online/Classroom option is $550.

The state exam is divided into two sections, the National Portion and the State Portion. The National portion has 100 multiple choice questions and the State portion has 40 multiple choice questions.  You will have 3 ½ hours to complete the exam and the cost is $46.

Building your business is our business! At Coldwell Banker our goal is to be The Most Skilled Team of Real Estate Professionals in the Marketplace. Our Business Development Series is offered monthly at no cost to newly affiliated brokers. This program features over a dozen speakers and 25 topics focused on the skills, activities and systems that can accelerate your path to success!

We suggest that you meet with more than one Managing Broker to identify the best fit. Understanding what to expect in the way of support, office culture and tools available to grow your business will help you to make a decision. It would be our pleasure to introduce to a couple Managing Broker’s from our family of 35+ offices throughout Chicagoland! Simply email us at

When you receive a pass on your “Score Report”, CELEBRATE!! Then here’s what you do: Be sure to keep the original “Score Report” and the 45 Day Permit given to you when you completed your exam in a safe place.  You will need them when you affiliate with a Real Estate Brokerage Company.  Once you have decided on a Brokerage Company, notify the Managing Broker of your intention.  You will then need to provide the signed and dated “Score Report”, 45 Day Permit Card and the original transcript you received from the Real Estate School where you completed your 90 Hour Broker Pre-Licensing Class.  The Brokerage Company you choose to affiliate with should have a comprehensive program and action plan to help you to get your real estate business started. .

90 Hour Broker Pre-Licensing Exam: You are given 4 opportunities to pass the 75 Hour Course Exam and the 15 Hour Course Exam. If you need to retake the exam you must schedule a date within 1 month of the last day of class.

State Exams: You are given 4 opportunities to pass the State Exam. Upon completion of the exam you will receive a “Score Report” which indicates your results.  If you receive a fail report, be sure to review material you didn’t know or were unsure of, and then schedule your re-take. You will only be required to repeat the portion(s) you failed.  There’s a $46 fee each time you take the State exam.

You have up to 4 years from the date on the Original Transcript you received from the Real Estate School where you completed your 90-Hour Broker Pre-License Class to take the state exam. Once you have taken the state exam you have 1 year to pass.  The state gives you 4 opportunities to pass the exam.

Illinois has Real Estate License Reciprocity with a number of other states, a list of which can be found on the IDFPR web site. Please note that some states might require you to pass a state specific exam prior to qualifying for License Reciprocity.

It is possible to begin your real estate business as a part time agent, and this is an excellent topic to discuss with your Managing Broker.  Your Managing Broker can be a wonderful source of guidance and direction in setting goals to work toward building a thriving real estate career.

If you allowed your license to expire, you have 2 years to the day to pay your renewal fees and any late renewal penalties.  You also must complete any outstanding Continuing Education required by IDFPR. If your license has expired for more than for 2 years from the renewal date, you will need to obtain a new license by completing the 90 Hour Broker Pre-License Course.