You’re a Social Star!

Show sellers you’re a digital superstar, without lifting a finger. Thanks to our company-paid Homespotter Boost pilot program, you can:

Target Likely Buyers: Buyers who live near the listing or visit real-estate-related websites will see the ads on Facebook, Instagram and popular sites such as CNN, ESPN and Yourself: Boost will create a custom ad with your name and contact info, advertising you and your listing on social media and the web.

Impress Sellers: To maximize results, visit the Boost Dashboard accessed via the NRT Gateway or from emails sent by Boost to confirm or enter your seller’s contact information. Boost will target your seller so they see their home advertised on social media and on the web. You can also send the seller their ad performance report and share the ad on your Facebook page.

Win More Listings: 60% of sellers demand digital marketing, and Coldwell Banker is providing a solution to your digital strategy that can help you win more listings. Plus, the clients you’ve already impressed will be eager to recommend you to other sellers.